Digital Sketchbook

Announcing… My Digital Sketchbook!

It went live a couple of weeks ago now, but could only be accessed through "secret" links on my Twitter account and the todolaMEDIA facebook page.

In an attempt to show my own personal development along with encouraging others to not worry about the quality of their rough sketches I have launched this page. I hope to be able to keep this page constantly updated as I draw and doodle in my sketchbook to expand upon the already large gallery of over 100 rough images taken straight from my sketchbook at home.

This digital sketchbook will contain all of my speed and life drawings on top of any doodles I happen to jot down in these books. For those wishing to keep up and follow this sketchbook it can currently be found at the URL:

todolaMEDIA is Back and Ready For Action!

Well... It's certainly been a rough couple of years on When I first set up this website I was creating new content at a steady pace and consistently working to expand my horizons. Then, as is often the case, tragedy stuck.

All the content on this website had effectively been removed to make way for a massive site revamp which would include much better organisation and more relevant works on display to coincide with the new and exciting work I was out to produce. However my health deteriorated and I was no longer able to produce work for my website or even for myself as I once had.

Despite that I kept the website up and running despite the lack of content to actually upload onto it. In hindsight even this may have been a mistake as with no updates whatsoever it may have seemed as though I had given up on my dream of todolaMEDIA.

I can assure you that is not the case.

todolaMEDIA and me are back and I will strive to keep this website up-to-date and give frequent updates on all of my work whenever I possibly can. Even Heroicks is slowly being worked on once again, at least in some form. I'm working on a small pitch which will if successful will involve a short (1-2 minute) adaptation of the general plot/story of Heroicks. This potential short-film will not be animated in the same style as the actual series and does not serve as an intended replacement for the series that I want to produce, it will finally be something Heroicks-related that I can once again release to the public.

For anyone who believed in me or my work and wishes to continue to seek out more and support me in the future I hope you'll stick around for the exciting new changes and a flood of new content at long last.

Peace ✌️
Reece Morgado, todolaMEDIA guy