todolaMEDIA’s Works

This page is dedicated to all the longer running series produced by todolaMEDIA, anything that is intended to run over multiple episodes will be listed here along with a brief synopsis. Unless the editor is really lazy, and/or forgets.

If for whatever reason the editor (read: the only team-member) does get lazy, please send them lots of angry emails.



The debut series of todolaMEDIA is Heroicks, the story of the aptly named hero, Hiro, and his adventures in a world that is no longer plagued by evil, and has already been rescued from almost certain doom countless times.

Now finding himself in a world that no longer needs saving, Hiro struggles to find his place in a world that doesn't have a use for a mighty hero.

3&2/3 IDIOTS (in a dungeon)

An upcoming tabletop RPG series featuring aforementioned idiots and dungeons which they must traverse in order to keep themselves alive to venture on another day.

Artist‽ A Short Film, I guess.

My personal short film, originally about the independent animation scene which during production has developed into an exploration of why I became an animator and, why I continue to pursue animation.

Currently in production alongside Heroicks.


Coming Soon

Currently todolaMEDIA is one bloke, trying to make a stupid series. For now Heroicks is all but, it is only be the beginning.