What’s a todolaMEDIA


Well. Once upon a time...

... there was the bedroom of a man who had far too much time on his hands and it was in that room that the idea todolaMEDIA was finally born.

todolaMEDIA was the idea to create new animation, and content for the sheer love of the medium. Animation has been a life-long passion of mine that I have been doing since before I can even remember.

In 2015 todolaMEDIA had it's first soft start, in the form of a rushed piece of coursework which had to be animated in its entirety within less than two weeks, because I got ill - it was seriously awful!!

That was to be known as episode ZERO of Heroicks, the debut series of todolaMEDIA of which production has been put on a slow hiatus so that I am able to properly study and obtain my degree.

Currently todolaMEDIA is still an idea, my idea, but I will keep working my hardest to create something that I can be proud of, and that I hope will inspire others to create something they love.

Reece Morgado, 2018