Once upon a time...

... in a far off fictional land known only as "England", and in the bedroom of a boy who had far too much time on his hands todolaMEDIA was born.

todolaMEDIA was the idea to create new animation, and content to be enjoyed by the masses, and create things that were creative, and unique drawing inspirations from anywhere, and everywhere.

In 2015 todolaMEDIA had it's first soft start, which was really actually just a rushed piece of coursework done in about two months, with only a couple of weeks actually being used to animate, because I got ill, seriously it was awful.

That was to be known as episode ZERO of Heroicks, the debut series of todolaMEDIA which has been in slow production since 2016 though is currently on-hold due to university obligations.

Currently todolaMEDIA is still an idea, my idea, but I will keep working my hardest to create something that I can be proud of, and that I hope will inspire others to create something they love.

Reece Morgado, 2018