The Many Works of todolaMEDIA

This page is dedicated to all the longer running series produced by todolaMEDIA, anything that is intended to run over multiple episodes will be listed here along with a brief synopsis. Unless the editor is really lazy, and/or forgets.

If for whatever reason the editor does get lazy, please send them lots of angry emails.



The debut series of todolaMEDIA is Heroicks, the story of the aptly named hero, Hiro. In a world that has been plagued by evil, and rescued from almost certain doom countless times, all the greatest evils came together to declare... they give up.

Now finding himself in a world that no longer needs saving, Hiro struggles to find his place in a world that doesn't have a use for a mighty hero.

Coming Soon

Currently todolaMEDIA is one bloke, trying to make a stupid series. For now Heroicks is all but, it is only be the beginning.